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With these online programs, you will get a straightforward guide to the practice of  wellness.




Your Fitness, Your Way: Join On Demand and Customize Your Workout Experience

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to take a class or buy a program on the Art Studio Program website:

  1. Visit the Art Studio Program website at

  2. Navigate to the "Classes" section on the website

  3. Browse through the different classes available and choose the one you want to take or buy

  4. Click on the program or class you're interested in to see more information about it, including the description, pricing, and duration

  5. If you're interested in purchasing the program or class, click on the "Book" or "Enroll" button

  6. Follow the prompts to create an account if you haven't already done so, or log in if you're an existing user

  7. Enter your payment information and complete the purchase

  8. Once you've purchased the program or class, navigate to the "My Programs" or "My Classes" section of the website

  9. Click on the program or class you've purchased to access it

  10. Follow the instructions to start the program or join the class, depending on the type of program you've purchased



Build Strength, Transform Your Fitness!

Discover the accessibility and convenience of online training

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